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Online Past Life Regression Course

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14 Week Online Past Life Regression Professional Certificate Training Program - 1 Year To Complete All Components of Certification


Past Life Regression Training Certification allows you the Holistic Health Practitioner, Medical Counselor, Therapist, Doctor, Life Coach, Reiki Energy Healer – Master Teacher or new student a large body of knowledge and practical techniques to facilitate and assist your clients in accessing their past lives by way of the subconscious. This is done by utilizing one of the thirteen scripts which are supplied in our training program for the beginner to professional.


The Certification Training Program is available online with weekly webinar trainings, and online course content with Q & A given by the Instructor and Certified Regression Therapist, Deborah Skye King, Founder & Director of the Training Institute and IAPPLRT.


Are You Seeking Answers To Past Lives?


Want To Learn How To Access Your Own & Others? Learn From An Expert   & Founder of The International Association Of Professional Past Life Regression Therapy & Training Institute, Deborah Skye King


Take This Training Course If You Desire To Understand Your Purpose and Heal Your Past While Investing In Your Future!


“While taking the past life regression course with Deborah Skye I had a major breakthrough during my regression session. My past life regression was very simplistic yet very profound, in that it allowed me to let go of anxiety and post traumatic stress that I had been carrying around for five years! I experienced a major shift in energy during the course which I’m sure my family noticed right away. I felt very blessed to meet Skye and the other participants in the course. I found Skye’s teaching method to be easy to follow and very helpful towards my understanding of regression therapy. As a result of taking the course, I am now able to help others in a safe holistic positive way.”


The Personal Past Life Regression Training course is taught via a 14-week Home Study and Online Training format by Deborah Skye King, Professional Past Life Regression Therapist, Founder of Soul Therapy School®. Her popular 3-day live training  held in Toronto is now available online for a more effective global reach, where she will personally trains and mentors you in the Facilitation of Past Life Regression from the comfort of your home.


This course contains the following: Introduction to Past Life Regression, Training Manuals, Online Presentations, Live Video Demonstration on how to do a Regression from start to finish, Q&A Calls, case studies and monthly access to ongoing teaching via conference calls and all PDF downloads.


Please note: the first class will cover the introduction to Regression Therapy and where it is today, where it is going and how you can be part of the growing evolution of women and men who are desiring to change the way current therapy for the spirit of the human is delivered and approached. Most individuals are seeking answers to their inner worlds that are unexplainable by most.


Bonus Included In Your Online Trainin6

Past Life Regression Certification is for individuals who:


Are wanting to know what their past lives are and how they are still affecting their present life.


  • Desire to heal their own past and childhood trauma by gently releasing old patterns and issues
  • Wanting to have healthy relationships with family, friends and intimately.
  • Curious to know why you feel like you are stuck and knowing it is from a past life and needing the assistance to move through it and wanting to help others do the same.
  • Are wanting to fulfill a deep desire to be of purpose and of service to the world.
  • Want a whole new direction in life and know that this is the first step in many to bring them to that place.
  • Desire a future of possibilities that are filled with abundance, opportunity, healthy relationships and knowhow on where to begin and how to follow through.
  • Wanting a step by step program where you are being taught ancient wisdom and tools that empower you today and will help your current issues.


Course Components:


  • Training Manuals with PowerPoint, Webinar Presentations
  • Weekly PDF Reports & Audio Download of all Course Content
  • Weekly Training Program for 8 weeks
  • Each student will complete 3 client case example w/discussion to be emailed in.
  • Full access to Training Program after course completion
  • BONUS: discount available for live 3 day training and 5 day advanced training for students enrolled into the online program.


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Alneja Horvat, Slovania

"The best part was where I learned how to perform a past life regression, when you took us through the steps and then the examples of your work - to see how you work with your clients, how you interpret things, how you deal with potential problems during the session - what you do, if people can't remember things etc. - this was all so important to me, so I could get feeling of how past life regression works and what to pay attention to." This was truly an amazing training - one can see that you really care about the quality of the work your student will provide - you made us work, research and be responsible. and really invest a lot of time into it. I think this is trully a responsible job, you can not play with people's emotions and problems, so it is important that the students really earn this certificate with work, reasearch, practice and dedication. You really care about the knowledge we receive. I can see that you want to train and sent out into the world only the best."

"I would most definitely recommend this course. I would just like to thank Deborah for this wonderful opportunity, it was an absolute pleasure and an amazing learning experience. The set up was so easy to use and the fact that we can do it at our own pace without constant deadlines made it easier to focus and pay attention to detail. I didn’t feel rushed which is also important and Deborah made the whole course easy to understand with great detail and attention to any questions I had. I found the modules that had a video or audio recording of sessions that Deborah did were extremely helpful. I find it easier to see and hear how it is done especially when handling some things that may come up for the client. Listening to Deborah speak put me into the energy as well and it helps to know the pace and tone of voice that should be used." - Sandy Gravito

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